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StackOverflow Discord Webhook

StackOverflow Discord Webhook #

At the Manim discord server, we get a lot of requests for help and unfortunately, our interactions don’t make it to search engines for everyone to benefit from.

I then took a look at stackoverflow to see if there was some manim activity over there under the manim tag. To my surprise, there were more questions than I thought there would be! However, there were many that were left unanswered since pretty much all manim activity happens on discord.

So to help with monitoring activity on stackoverflow, I made a general webhook to “continuously” (every x minutes) track incoming posts under a specific tag. Here’s the code:

The dependencies are:

  • StackAPI: A simple Python wrapper for the Stack Exchange API
  • dhooks: Convenient library to manage discord webhooks and create embeds
  • bs4: Used to collect descriptions for questions.
  • apscheduler: Scheduling library to run a task every x minutes
  • Python3.7+

Here’s the final product:

Laith Bahodi
Laith Bahodi